Hope this makes your day

Some seemingly unimportant things can break the cycle of a busy day and get you teary-eyed in a smiley way. Stumbled on it today and I hope this makes your day. Also remember to be of help and make someone else’s day whenever...


The only solace of a lonely little girl in war

I stumbled on this story on Facebook this morning and it brought tears to my eyes. Shared originally by Julian Lennon, this little girl’s entire family was executed during the war. She was also shot in the head but survived...

Caring is Contagious

Caring is contagious

Caring is contagious. Care and see how much it multiplies. The ripple effect of caring eventually will circle round the world if we do not give up. Share This:


This POEM has gone viral

Seriously, we all do need some breath of fresh air in the days we live in. We try to convince ourselves and others that things will only get better amidst the very terrible news flashing before our very eyes per...


Have hope

  We really do need to encourage ourselves everyday particularly in these present times: dwindling economies, contradicting laws been enacted, conflicting views on practically every topic out there and somewhat bleak future in international relations. The world is getting more...

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The strong thrives in the heat

In the heat of summer, everyone and everything seeks a cool and hiding place from the probing heat. As much as people want to engage in a lot of outdoor activities, in extreme cases, warnings are issued for people to...


The story of Dorcas

“… and all the widows stood by him, weeping and showing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, while she was with them.” Are you aware of the happenings around you? Dorcas was not living on the streets, we were not...


Peace: Jaw-Jaw not war-war!

  Peace or War, are among the choices that face individuals in day to day activities. Be it at work, church, club or society at large, there are disputes that stares people in the face. The truth about life is...


No Obstacle should stop your Success

    Obstacles are part of life! It is the definition that we give to them per time that determine their effect on us. They are either a spring board for greater heights or an impediment to your path of...