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How to know your Friends?

There are many tests to determine who your friends are. If your friend is sad with your success, then something is wrong. If your ‘friends’ gossip about you or blame you when you are struggling, it’s time to rethink. Friends...


Success begins with your thoughts!

The success of a human begins with the mind. The path to a successful destination becomes shorter as one aligns with his thoughts. Ever found yourself in a situation where you make a mistake and you say ‘hmmn, and my...


Crown awaits the strong!

    Life comes with trials and sometimes tribulations. It’s never a straight path neither is it a smooth terrain. It’s not a sprint but a marathon, but for those who are steadfast and persistent-a crown awaits! Fight the good...


You can do so much more!

Have you ever thought that you were not able to accomplish a task, only for you to eventually start and you keep going on and on? And maybe go beyong what you intended? Amazing how much more you can actually...