Monthly Archive: April 2015

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5 things you MUST give up if you want to be happy

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a function of different factors- both internal and external. However, there are many situations that tend to interfere with your state of happiness. Below are 5 things to avoid if one must remain...


What you must know before starting a Gym regime

One valuable piece of info one should have handy before starting a Gym program, especially if the aim is to loose weight is that you should shed some of the weight before hitting the gym. The reason is that as you...


Caring words of wisdom (6)

  In the world we live in today, it seems as though there is so much evil, darkness and wickedness looming all around. Much more, there is good, light and care. This good lies in all of us and if...

Grey Shades

Different Shades of Grey in Life

There are different shades of grey we are plagued with every single day of our existence. The sky isn’t always blue. It is sometimes tinted with clouds which covers the sun from shinning brightly. Even on a sunny day, there...


Who sets the limits?

Ever thought of something you think you are not able to do, only for you to start and you keep going on and on and even going beyond what you intended? Who sets the limits? The reason is because we...


Caring words of wisdom (5)

                Some people have come to a point in their lives where they don’t care about anything anymore. They face everyday with the mind of ‘let’s just live through another day’. You are...

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